University Innovation Quarter (UIQ) — formerly the University Research Park — is a 76-acre site with an underserved innovation ecosystem. There are 12 existing buildings within UIQ, which are predominantly occupied by research and laboratory tenants. UIQ is already an established Calgary innovation hub, but aging infrastructure and the need for better interconnectivity have created a unique opportunity to modernize and elevate the area.
Image of an oblique aerial view of the University of Calgary campus looking towards the northwest.”, 1972-06-20,(CU15113738) by Unknown. Courtesy of Librairies and Cultural Resources Digital Collections, University of Calgary.


Ownership of the UIQ lands was transferred from the Province of Alberta to the University of Calgary (UCalgary) in 2020. UCalgary then entered a 130-year lease with University Innovation Quarter Trust (UIQT) to operate, manage and develop the land. University of Calgary Properties Group is the Trustee for UIQT and will steward the revitalization of UIQ as the award-winning developer for the area.


As it pursues the goal of transforming UIQ into a rich ecosystem of research, industry, innovation, and entrepreneurialism, University of Calgary Properties Group (UCPG) maintains collaborative relationships with the University of Calgary (UCalgary) and Innovate Calgary. The University leads academic and research programming, while Innovate Calgary is the University’s business incubator.

University of Calgary Properties Group

UCPG is leading the design and execution of the UIQ Master Plan. UCPG was created by the University of Calgary in 2011 to oversee the development and management of university land projects with proven results as the trusted developer for University District, the 2022 CHBA national award-winner for Best Growing Community in Canada.
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University of Calgary

UCalgary is leading UIQ’s innovation agenda and supporting UIQ’s vision of becoming a world-class destination. As a top 5 research university, UCalgary connects innovation businesses to a community of experts, funding opportunities, and more.
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Innovate Calgary

Innovate Calgary is the University of Calgary’s innovation arm and exists to provide services that enable emerging entrepreneurs to commercialize their research.
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